Jan 4, 2010


I've never had a problem getting Sara Madalin to eat. From the first bottle in the hospital, it was clear that she liked food. And when we started giving her solids, we only found one or two foods that she wouldn't eat. And a few foods that she preferred. One of her favorite baby food flavors was bananas. Now she's a Big Girl and eats real food with us. She can even tell me which foods she wants in some cases. One food she asks for is bananas. If she knows there is one on the kitchen counter, she will go to it when she's ready for a snack and say, "Ohnt-nana." Let me translate for those who don't speak "Sara Madalin." That means "I want a banana." And when I say, "What do you say?" She'll say, "Pees." That would be, "Please."

Saturday night we visited with friends. They had some bananas in a basket on their kitchen counter. I didn't even see them. About 30 minutes after we'd had dinner, she started pointing and saying, "Ohnt-nana. Ohnt-nana. Nana, nana, nana." I didn't catch on at first. Then my friend said, "Is she saying banana?" Oh, yeah. She is.

Sunday afternoon, when it was time for a snack before church, she walked over to the kitchen counter and said, "Ohnt-nana." And so she had a banana for snack.

Well, at least she's asking for something that is good for her.

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Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh Rylie is a little monkey too! She gets mad if I eat a banana in front of her, even tho she's just had one herself! lol But like you said, at least it's something healthy!!