Jan 29, 2010

Passing the Test... The Strep Test

Thursday Sara Madalin woke up with a pretty high fever. Our pediatrician's office doesn't open for appointments until 8:00. So Reagan called B.B. to see if Sara Madalin could stay with her for a couple hours until I picked her up for her appointment later that morning. (I went into work for one class.) We gave her something for her fever. She also had a cough and runny nose. Reagan gave her something for that as well.

I think that she and B.B. enjoyed their time together. While she was there, B.B. gave her a ball. She held the ball on the way to the dr.'s office. And this is how she fell asleep. (Excuse the quality of the photos. I took them with my phone.)

We saw the doctor and had a flu and strep test done. The flu test was negative. The strep was positive. So, she got a shot. She is not exactly a fan of shots. After her shot we had to wait for 30 minutes to see if she had a reaction to the medicine. When we went out into the waiting area, there was 2 other children waiting after their shots too. One was a boy about 8 years old. He was lying down because he felt like he was going to pass out from the shot. The other was a girl about 12 or 13 years old. She was crying because the shot hurt her leg. And then we had my child, who had the same shot. She was running around putting her face to the fish tank, hiding under the tables, and climbing in the chairs and telling me, "Book." Which means, "Hand me that book over there, would you? I'd like to read it." Finally, as her last move before the nurse came to check her, she went over in the corner of the play area, where I couldn't get to her, and pooped. In her diaper, of course.

The nurse checked her injection site and it was clear so we were good to go. But just a heads up to parents in our area, it appears strep throat is going around.

Here she is as we left the doctor's office. She was tired.

And finally out. She slept most of the way home, then slept another 2 hours once we got home. My sick little baby.

After her nap, she was still pretty clingy and whiny. But by about 5:00 she was more her old self. She was climbing where she shouldn't be. She was hiding in the curtains. And dancing to the Shushy-Byes on BabyFirst TV.
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Laura said...

Oh, goodness! You can tell she feels bad in the pictures. I remember when I had strep that I felt SOOOO much better after that shot! Have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

Poor thing! I hope the shot makes her feel better quickly!

Carrie said...

Bless her heart. Sickness is going around for sure. Hope she feels better soon!

K Storm said...

Strep is no fun...but it will take much more than that to slow your girl down, huh?