Jan 13, 2010

We're Kind of Tired

We've had a pretty slow news week around here. Not a slow week, but nothing to share in the way of news or events. Oh, except that my sister is having a GIRL. Yay!!! Two boys, now a girl. Bless her sweet heart.

We are getting used to a new schedule. I'm teaching a full load this semester, so I'm working every day except Friday. We are getting up between 5:00 and 5:15 so we can be out the door by 7:00. I let Sara Madalin sleep until the last possible minute. We usually get her up about 10-15 minutes before we have to leave. We dress her and give her a cup of milk. Then hold her and love on her until it's time to go. She likes to be loved and held in the morning.

She's doing well at daycare. The teachers tell me that anyway. I don't know how much she's eating, but her report sheets are marked that she's eating her snacks and lunch. She seems to be napping well on the mat. She's playing well. But she's very excited to see me when I get there in the afternoons. She hasn't cried yet. I have been told that she might. I hate to even say this, but she never cried when we left her at Mrs. Gail's. Several people told me she would go through a stage where she'd be clingy and cry. She never did. Maybe, for her Mommy's sake, she won't go through that stage here.

In addition to the extra teaching load and Sara Madalin changing to a bigger daycare, I'm also taking a VERY intense graduate-level class this semester. I'm fully expecting to die from it. No, really. Fall out dead. From the work load and the stress. Please pray that I'm wrong. I do know that even if I don't die, I am already exhausted. The extra reading for the course isunbelievable. Doesn't this teacher know I have a life? I mean, when am I supposed to go clubbing? Oh, wait, I think I was confusing my excuses with those of MY students.

Trust me when I tell you that we are having no trouble sleeping at the Brown house. Sara Madalin is out by 7:00. And I'm napping on the couch whenever I can find 10-15 minutes to do so.

So, no real news. No cute photos. Just us. Just life. And even through the adjustments and fatigue, I have to say, it's a pretty great life.

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Paige said...

Praying for you as you balance this new schedule! Have a great weekend!