Jan 16, 2010

We're Off to See the Wizard

Friday night Reagan and I had a date night with B.B. and Scooter and Granny and Gramps. Before we left for dinner and our show, B.B. gave Sara Madalin a Christmas gift that we'd not had an opportunity to get before. And Sugar just happened to have on her Christmas P.J.s.

First, she opened a baby doll.

Now she has twins. She has carried those babies around all weekend. And if she has one, she HAS to have the other.

Then she opened the other gift.

It was a plastic pony that she could ride her baby in.

After we left her with Miss Ashley, we met Granny and Gramps at Primo's for dinner. Then we went to Thalia Mara to see the stage production of The Wizard of Oz. It was probably the best Broadway-like production we've seen there. I really enjoyed it. And there was so many little girls there. Some even dressed like Dorothy. I can't wait until Sara Madalin is old enough to go with us and enjoy things like that.

I also got to meet another adoptive mom/blogger, Stephanie. She was sitting at the end of our row. We went past her and her family to our seats and then she scooted down toward me and said, "Malinda?" I said, "Yes." She said, "I read your blog. I left a comment a few weeks ago." I was so glad she introduced herself to me. We spoke for a minute about adoption and then the show started.

We really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to next month's production, Groovaloo.
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K Storm said...

I think it is so cool that you met Stephanie...God put you on the same row!

The Stairs Family said...

Is it a coincidence that your name has the same letters as Madalin or was it planned? MALINDA=MADALIN

Pretty cute!

Malinda said...

Ha. Melissa, no it's not a coincidence. I planned it that way. Here's the link to the blog post about how I came up with her name.


Stephanie said...

Malinda, It was so good to meet you too.
We enjoyed the play and it was one of our favorites too. Audrey LOVED it! She didn't want it to be over.
We have season tickets so we may see you at another one.