Jan 5, 2010


Monday evening we visited with our friends Tony and Mary Byrd. They breed and sell miniature Yorkies. They almost always have a new litter of puppies to take care of. He showed us 3 puppies that are only 5 days old. They were so very tiny.

He picked one up for Sara Madalin to touch. I think she thought it was a toy, not a real puppy, until it started whining. Then she got all excited and started squealing.

He also has some puppies that are a few weeks older. He brought one of them in for her touch.

She gave him lots of love.

They also have several dogs that stay in the house with them. She had the best time playing with them while we were there. If anyone who reads my blog is ever interested in a Yorkie, you should visit their website. Click HERE to go to their site.

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K Storm said...

Oh how sweet!!!

Allyson said...

Oh puppies! I love puppies! They are absolutely precious!