Feb 14, 2010

Because Nothing Says "I Love You" Like a New Alternator

My Valentine's Weekend didn't start off with a lot of love. On my way to work last Thursday my car and I had a fight. And he broke up with me.

I was on my way to work. I noticed as I was slowing down that my speedometer wasn't moving. I stopped at a stop sign then tried to go again. I could go, but it was really slow. Then, the car just stopped. Luckily I was able to pull over on the side of the road. I called Reagan and he called a tow truck. My car was taken to the shop and right now we are a one-car family.

So, for my Valentine's gift, I'm getting a new alternator (whatever that is). But I'm thankful for it. And I'm thankful for my car. It may be old and in need of some repair. But then, so am I. So, I guess maybe you could say we're perfect for each other.

Sara Madalin and I also got a little something else for Valentine's Day. (You know, in addition to the romantic alternator.) She got a balloon and basket with a stuffed animal and some candy.

I think she liked it.

And I got some beautiful purple roses.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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Laura said...

Oh,no!! So sorry about your car. Car trouble is the worst to me! Happy Valentine's Day!

Lady Katherine said...

I recognize the wrecker service,lol you have to live near me! I love your roses,your story of your beautiful daughter. The roses,Honey, and a lovely daughter makes up for all the cars that break down. As your story so tells your love this Valentines! I loved visiting your site today.