Feb 19, 2010

Curling Up With a Good Book

I've mentioned before that Sara Madalin is very interested in books. I certainly hope it's not a stage. I so want her to be a reader. I've always enjoyed reading. It doesn't matter how tired I am at night, I have to read at least a page or two from a book. Beside my bed right now I have several books I'm reading. Some for pleasure, some for spiritual growth, and some to help me deal with parenthood. I've even been known to re-read a book more than once. I've read my favorite book, "Pride and Prejudice" more times than I can even remember.

Anyway, right now my little girl is a reader. She climbs up on the sofa every night with a book for me to read to her. Then we also read before she goes to bed. Now, lately, she'll go get a book and sit down and flip through it on her own. It makes me so happy.

Right now, her favorite books are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," "Good-night Moon," "First Words," and a couple Veggie Tales books that we picked up at City Drugs. She also likes books that have things she can touch. We have one book about animals where there are different textures that are supposed to feel like the real animal does.

I want to get her a few new books. I think that expanding her little library will help keep her interested in books and reading. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
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Courtney said...

It sounds like she has a great library. My nephews favorite book is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is by Eric Carle and one of my favorite books too.

The Glenn Gang said...

I just noticed the pink beanbag. Love it. Look like she does too!

Her Mickey shirt is cute. My little boy has a blue one just like that. Some of our friends gave it to him. I think they stole it though.

Ms. Shirley said...

Eric Carle's books are great. Anything that has won the Newberry or Caldecott Awards I think she will enjoy. That's great she loves books! I do too!!!

Carrie said...

These pictures are so sweet! Allie Claire also loves "Good-night Moon."

Avery's Mommy said...

Avery loves reading too! Isn't it so sweet?

Avery's favorite is Mr. Brown Can Moo (Dr. Suess). Probably because I make all the sounds for her like a crazy woman ;)

K Storm said...

Oh my, Sissy was really into books too and it has continued into school. She loved books where you count progressively through the story. And later some of our favorite authors are Kevin Henkes (Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse), Jane O'Connor (Fancy Nancy), David Shannon, Eric Carle and Jan Brett. She also liked Maisy Mouse books but she would watch that show on Noggin.

Have fun!!

Penny said...

I ditto the suggestions above and as a kindergarten teacher we REALLY stress the books with lots of rhyming and alliteration. Helps a lot when they start learning to read. Dr. Seuss books are a great and fun way to get both. =) Hope she continues to love books. You're giving her a great foundation.