Feb 5, 2010


Friday afternoon I took a little trip over to our nearby outlet mall to pick up a few things for Sara Madalin. She has pretty much ruined every t-shirt she has. I can always tell when they have chocolate pudding for dessert at school. How? Because half of it ends up on her clothes. And then, for some reason, the knees of most all her knit pants are stained. I don't know what she does on the playground, but I have a feeling my little girl stays pretty active the whole time she's out there.

(This is off the subject, but, well, it is my blog so I can get off the subject from time to time if I choose. Thursday when I picked her up from daycare, she was sitting in the time out chair. It's a high chair. She frequently sits in the time out chair. Anyway, she was sitting there and about 5 other kids were standing on the floor around her rocking the chair back and forth. I told Reagan it looked like she was the queen and they were trying to break her free. Wanna know why she was in time out? She had been taking other children's pacifiers out of their mouth and putting it in her mouth. Pretty sure that's how she got strep throat last week.)

Back to the story of shopping. There are some REALLY cute Spring clothes out. I wanted to buy it all. But I didn't. I bought her a few outfits to get her through these cooler months until it's warm enough to wear all the things I bought her on sale at the end of last season. And while I was there, I picked her up a couple little "happies." I got her a headband with a flower on it and a little beaded, elastic necklace. Here she is modeling them.

I never imagined I'd have such a cute little girl to call my own.
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Beth said...

Yeah I remember the days when I would go buy Trenton all the name brand clothes and would be so upset when I would pick him up from head-start and they would be filthy. Now with Cayden he only wears his good clothes on picure day or field trips. That's too funny about the pacifier. I think Trenton would still suck one now if he thought he could get away with it. That was one of the hardest things ever to break.

Melanie said...

She's precious! It never fails - I always put the girls in white or light colored clothes on days they have spaghetti sauce.

Courtney said...

She looks adorable. I love the headband!

Lauren said...

LOVE the headband!

Paige said...

So cute! You are truly blessed! Have a great week.

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness. Is she not sweet or what? That is such a precious picture. I can just see her sitting in time out. That's funny. Bless her little heart. I love her soooo much.