Feb 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Cash!

About this time each year, we start what I call the Birthday Party Season. I think we have a birthday party almost every weekend from now until the end of July. I guess a lot of children we know were made in the cold, winter months. Saturday we went to a birthday party at Backyard Burger for Sara Madalin's friend, Cash.

Before the party started, Sara Madalin got to play in the treehouse/slide. It was the first time she ever played there and she loved it.

She started off on the smaller slide.

I went inside the tree to scare her. For some strange reason, she loves for someone to jump out and say, "Boo!" Most kids are terrified of that. She giggles and wants me to do it again and again.

She finally got the nerve up to climb higher and go down the big slide. There was no stopping her after that. We had to MAKE her come inside and eat.

After a little playing and some lunch, it was time for the birthday cake and ice cream.

He had a monkey on the top of the cake. Sara Madalin reached over and pulled the tail off the monkey. I think Skyler was explaining to her that we needed to not touch the cake until La-La and Mi-mi gives you a piece.

And here's the birthday boy. He is so cute. I can't believe he's 2 years-old. And I can't believe that in just a few months Sara Madalin will be as well.

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Crystal said...

Precious!! She is such a big girl!!