Feb 16, 2010

Just Call Her Chester Cheetah

Monday Sara Madalin's class had their Valentine's Party. They had to postpone it from Friday because of that HUGE winter storm we had. You know the one with all that snow.

Anyway, I hated that it had to be re-scheduled. I could have made it to the party if it had been held on Friday. There was no way I could make it on Monday. So Reagan and B.B. went instead.

Here is Sara Madalin sneaking a Cheet-o as the teachers are placing the plates and cups out for the party. (She gets that from her Daddy.)

I guess maybe that's where she always sits for lunch. Or maybe she's smart enough to recognize that is her cup sitting there, so that must be where she's supposed to sit. Either way, she was helping herself to a Cheet-o.

Where are all the other children? Sitting on the rug waiting like they're supposed to be.

Reagan said that she loved the Cheetos. That's pretty obvious. He even has a video where she was trying to get one off the plate next to her. She was saying to Reagan while she did it, "Mine."

Daddy and his little Valentine.

And B.B. came too!

And here's Sugar with her morning teacher, Ms. Jo-Jo.

Ms. Jo-Jo had a little accident on the playground a few weeks ago and broke her arm. I'm tell y'all, 2-year-olds are rough on you! Poor Ms. Jo-Jo.

Reagan said that Sugar wanted to leave with him but B.B. helped him get out of the room without her causing too much of a fuss.

He also told me I might want to add Cheetos to the grocery list this week.

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The Glenn Gang said...

I'm glad you cleared up what happened to the teacher. I was afraid some wild child had gotten the best of her. :-)

Carrie said...

What a fun party! And I thought my baby girl was the only one who knew the word "MINE!" Ha Ha

Regina and David said...

I'm with Nicki. I was going to ask you if Sara Madalin had anything to do with the teachers accident, LOL. Looks like she had a fun party. I know you hated to miss it.

Courtney said...

What girl doesn't love her some Cheetos! Love all the cute pictures. It looks like she is a wonderful center.