Feb 25, 2010

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

But I'll try to keep it slightly less than that.

I forgot yesterday to post about the new header and those cute pictures it contains. They were taken in early January by our photographer, Jennifer Blackwell. She always does such a great job with Sara Madalin. And as this next picture shows, our Sugar's not always the easiest subject.

We were trying to get a cute picture of her in that gorgeous dress and all she wanted to do was play peek-a-boo. Right after this photos is when Mrs. Jennifer pulled out the candy. She would do just about anything for candy.

I LOVE this picture. It was my favorite of the day. I just wish she had smiled.

I think her eyes are so beautiful here. She really is a gorgeous child.

And finally, one of the last photos of the day. Mrs. Jennifer brought out a little step ladder and Sara Madalin got to climb on it. Her personality certainly is showing through in this picture.

My aunt sent me a message telling me how much she liked these pictures. I told her that they are a perfect depiction of the stage she's in right now. The first one is playful. The last one is fun. And in the second one, she's naked - her favorite way to be right now.

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Penny said...

I'm a fan of the serious look myself. I do love the laughing one, too. =)

Laura said...

Love the new blog look and pics!!

Crystal said...

Those are beautiful. Your daughter is such a cutie!!!

Lynn said...


K Storm said...

Very cute!

Amanda Negley said...

I love the new look! And those pictures are just adorable! Kudos to Jennifer for being able to get kids to do those things! Thats a sign of a great person!

Jami Ainsworth said...

I photos w/o smiles...EYES TEND TO POP MORE as was the case in that one, just gorgeous!