Feb 12, 2010

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

I thought that title would be more catchy than saying, "It Snowed in Mississippi Today."

Sara Madalin actually slept a little late. She hasn't been feeling well. When I finally woke her up and got her dressed, she went to the back door. She was so excited when she realized snow was falling outside. She could hardly wait for us to get coats on and go out in it.

Look at that face. You can tell she is so happy to see the snow.

She was very upset when we made her come back inside. She only stayed out for a few minutes. Here she is when we came back inside. She stood at the door and whined until I took her hat, boots, and coat off her. And then she kept going back over there saying "outside."

Finally, she decided if she had to play inside, she'd make the best of it. She rode on her pony B.B. and Scooter gave her until we had to take Daddy to work.

I drove Reagan to work because my car is in the shop. Here are all the drug store employees waiting outside for him when we drove up. It was still snowing pretty heavy.

The front of the store. I took this just for Reagan.

On my way back home with Sara Madalin, I stopped to snap a few pictures of the snow. This is the lake at Chatauqua Park in Crystal Springs.

I thought this was typical MS. Snow piled high on pulp wood truck.

This is our road. I love the snow in the trees on each side.

This is the field in our back yard.

There's our house on the hill.

After we'd been back home for a while, our dog Taco started barking. I thought there must have been another dog in the yard. I looked out the window and a doe (I know that because she didn't have any antlers) was running across our yard and down to that field. Then she crossed the road and walked around in that field for a while.

Here's our house again. You can see the snow is still falling.

This is a tree out in our yard.

This next photo was taken on the way back to Crystal Springs. I've always thought this was funny. There's a really high mailbox with all the other boxes. It's for "air mail."

The snow was pretty. But by mid-afternoon, once the sun came out, it all started to melt. Now it's just slush. But it was pretty while it lasted.

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Laura said...

Hi! Looks like we were BOTH blessed with snow today....in Louisiana and Mississippi! We loved it and I can tell you guys did, too! LOVED the pic of the three of ya'll together!

Melanie said...

Wasn't all the snow great? Even greater - it will probably all be gone soon! :) Glad y'all had fun!

Just Between Us Girls said...

OOOh your darling girl is so precious and she was having so much fun in the snow. Love it.