Feb 8, 2010

So.... there was this football game...

I'm not sure if any of our readers know this, but there was a little football game on TV Sunday night. I think it was between some team from Louisiana and one of those Manning guys. Ha.

We look for pretty much any reason to get together and eat with our friends, so we invited a few over to watch the game with us. Granny and Gramps came over. And of course, they wore their Mardi Gras beads in support of that team from New Orleans.

Jana also came over. I seriously don't know what Martha and I would have done without her there to explain to us what was going on in the game. Oh, and she brought cookies.

Sara Madalin had a great time with Gramps. She'd run over to the gate and wait for him to chase her.

She'd let him hold her for about 20 seconds then she was off again.

Right before half-time I fixed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm thinking that she enjoyed it almost as much as we enjoyed our steaks.

Looks like she also managed to confiscate a couple strands of beads from somebody.

We had a great time with everyone. Martha and I are pretty sure that we won't be hired to coach or commentate a football game any time soon. My only regret of the whole night was that I didn't get a video of Martha and Dewayne dancing when that guy for the Saints intercepted the ball and ran like 70 yards for a touchdown. I probably could have made a lot of money off a video like that.
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Jana said...

WHO DAT!!!! I am sure that video could have been the next super bowl commercial!!!