Feb 1, 2010

Watch it Jiggle, See it Wiggle

Sunday morning after church we met our friend Jana for lunch at Ichiban. Sara Madalin was so excited to see Jana. She gave her a little love before we sat her in her chair to eat a lunch. I tried to get her to eat little hot dogs and she wouldn't eat. I tried to get her to eat mac-n-cheese, she wouldn't eat it. But when she saw the cherry tomatoes on her Daddy's plate, she nearly jumped out of her chair to get one. I'm pretty sure she filled up on snacks in nursery and didn't want any lunch.

Reagan also brought her some Jello-jigglers to try. Of course, the only color they had was RED. She was so funny trying to eat the Jello.

She tried to eat it with her spoon but soon gave up on that and just held the spoon while she ate it with her hands.

It's pretty obvious by the look on her face that she enjoyed the Jello and the fun.

And here she is giving Aunt Jana a little love before we left. Actually Jana was giving the love. Sara Madalin was more interested in getting down and going to the fish tank.
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Courtney said...

Jigglers are so much fun. Logan's first experience with Jello was a jello egg-it was a riot to see him try to figure that out!