Mar 13, 2010

All Coupe-d Up

Saturday Sara Madalin and I spent the day together. Daddy had to work this weekend. So, she helped me do a little grocery shopping. I've not taken her to the grocery store with me since she was still in an infant carrier. And, after this trip, I won't be taking her with me again until she is at least 20 years old.

At our grocery store there are several buggies with the little Cozy Coupes attached. I made a point to get one for Sara Madalin to ride in. She really liked it and stayed in it - as long as the buggy was moving.

When I'd stop for more than 60 seconds to look at anything or add something to the buggy, she'd try and climb out. After chasing her a couple times to put her back in the little car, I buckled her in so she couldn't escape.

I think she enjoyed her little shopping excursion. And even though it was more work than usual, I enjoyed shopping with my girl.

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K Storm said...

Those things aren't easy to steer! Boomer always loved them and would say "faster momma, faster!" but Sissy NEVER would stay in them! That's when I started grocery shopping after bedtime or when she was at Mothers Morning Out.

Casey said...

How cute!

shelley said...

hi there,
what a sweet sweet story! i love this post, it reminds me of the little coupe we bought our oldest on holiday season, she loved that little car sooo much, convertable roof and all! ha now she drives a real car with a real roof! enjoy those moments they are over in a heartbeat and i have to tell you these shopping trips are nothing like the one's you will be doing with her as a teen! lol enjoy her she is adorable!