Mar 16, 2010


Sara Madalin has started "cooking" along with me when I'm in the kitchen. Her idea of "cooking" is pulling every plastic dish we own out into the middle of the kitchen floor.

Then she'll get a spoon and cup or bowl and start stirring.

And of course she tastes what she's "cooking."

I love that she's starting to imagine and pretend. It is so cute. And it's funny that she's starting to copy the things that we do. Although, I DON'T pull all the dishes out of the cabinets when I cook. She came up with that one on her own.

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Regina and David said...

Can't wait until she really starts copying the things you do!!! LOL

Casey said...

I love when they start pretending, it is just too cute for words!

blessedmomto8 said...

SO CUTE! I LOVE your floor :)

O'Brien Family said...

I can't believe she is getting to big! Better keep her away from Skyler or who knows what she will learn!