Mar 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Saturday afternoon we went to a cousin's birthday party. Kyle, the son of one of my cousins that I grew up with, turned one. As you might guess, Sara Madalin has no problem making her presence known when we attend a birthday party. In this next picture, we had been there about 2 minutes and she'd already taken a toy from Welton (almost 3, pink shirt) and was defending it from Jeremiah (4, striped shirt).

Those boys ain't got nothin' on my girl. My sister picked on me about SM's shoes. I told her they were her party shoes.

There were these blue balls hanging all around the room. Sara Madalin would bat at this one to make it move, and then just giggle and squeal. (Notice she's still holding on to that toy.)

She got to sit at the table with all the other birthday party attendees. She was the only girl, except for one younger little girl at the other end of the table. There was a balloon attached to the back of her chair. If there's one thing my girl loves, it's a "boon".

And here's the cute little birthday boy, Kyle.

He was loving him some birthday cake.

I feel at this time I must admit something. This is the second birthday party we've been to in as many weeks. That is not the confession. This is - at both parties my daughter has been the child who stuck her finger in the birthday cake BEFORE the birthday boy even saw his cake. When she did it at this party, I said to my aunt, "Where is that child's mama?"

Here's my sweet little family.

See that bracelet she has in her hand? Another confession. It's like jewelry is a magnet for her. She scoped the party out and found a teenage girl who had an arm loaded down with bracelets. So my sweet, charming, beautiful child went and sat down next to the girl. Next she flashed that cute smile and those big blue eyes. Then she moved in for the kill - she reached out and touched the bracelet. Another smile and the girl handed her one of the bracelets. Then SM jumped down from her chair and ran.

I have a feeling that as she gets older, if this behavior continues, we'll get fewer and fewer birthday party invitations.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Be sure to take good gifts so people keep inviting you back just for gift. I know...take every one the cherry game. Parents will love you for it. On the 13,234 time of playing it, I finally quit hating you! :-)

Carrie said...

I am laughing so hard right now because my own little girl loves "boons" and even took one from a little girl at a recent party we attended. Oh yeah, there was nearly a fight!! I just kept thinking, who is this child? Surely, not mine :)