Mar 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi!

Ya'll thought I was kidding when I said a few weeks ago that we had a birthday party every weekend for the next few months. I wasn't.

This past weekend we attended the birthday party for Lexi, the daughter of my friend Summer. She turned 2. Here she is in her rocking horse. She had the cutest little outfit on.

There were these little horns that all the kids had. A few of them knew how to blow them to make noise. The little kids couldn't quite figure it out. Lexi's dad tried to show her how to do it. I think Sara Madalin must have watched him trying to teach Lexi because once he walked away, Sara Madalin went to Lexi and tried to put her horn in Lexi's mouth and get her to blow it.

And here she is trying to blow it herself. She never could quite do it.

We had a great time and love being invited to all these parties. Sara Madalin enjoys playing and of course, eating cake. But I told Reagan, I could not be a single mother. She wore me out. And without him there to tag team, I was chasing her the whole party. Although she was so full of energy, she was good and I was proud of her.
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Safe Home Happy Mom said...

This is so cute. Mydaughter turned one 2 weeks ago and I threw a big party, she was so exhausted afterwards.

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