Mar 20, 2010

Her Future's So Bright...

... she's just gotta wear shades.

This morning as we were getting ready to leave, I was in my bathroom doing some things and I heard Reagan say from the living room, "Go show your Momma." A few seconds later, in came Miss Movie Star above wearing my sunglasses. Reagan said he had gone into the living room and she had her back to him and was giggling. When he walked over to her he saw her wearing my shades. She has sun shades of her own, but they obviously aren't as fun as Mommy's. So, I dug through my jewelry box and found her an old pair and she carried those around for the better part of the day. She is such a little prissy mess.

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Laura said...

Just wait until she can tell you that she doesn't like your new sunglasses!! Which is what I experienced this morning! LOL!!

furygirl3132 said...

She is so cute! Just stopping by to say hello from FFF at Mom Bloggers Club. Love your blog and can't wait to read more! Have a great Sunday!


Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Cute. Cute. Cute.