Mar 9, 2010

Memories for My Girl - School Days

A few weeks ago, I started sharing some memories from my childhood and adolescent years. I call it "Memories for My Girl." I'm getting the topics from a book my friend Nicki told me about, "Mom... share your life with me." I was looking through it tonight to see if there was anything I wanted to share and I found this statement:

"Tell of an essay or term paper assignment (from school)."

It reminded me of a couple papers I wrote as a Junior in high school. I took a research class that taught us how to begin a research paper, how to conduct research, and how to organize our research into a written format. Anyway, we had two major papers to write that semester. For the longest time, after that class, I never thought about it. And I certainly never thought about the topics I chose as a teenager.

I'm not sure what drew me to these topics, but I wrote a research paper on "In Vitro Fertilization" (or test-tube babies as they were referred to in the late 80's and early 90's) and "Adoption." I'm not at all sure where the first topic came from. But isn't that something how I chose it, and years later, it became more than just a topic for research, but a choice Reagan and I had to make when trying to start a family.

I think the second, adoption, was something I decided on because two of my teachers had children that were adopted. It was something that interested me because of their lives and stories of their children.

Years later, when we started dealing with infertility, I remembered those papers. I so wish I had saved them, or at least remembered more about them. As I remembered the research papers, I couldn't help but think how God had seen and known even then, those topics would be more real in my life than just a few pages of research for a 16 year-old-girl. He saw then, He sees now, and He sees what the future holds. I'm so glad He does. And the more He uses both those "topics" in our lives, the more thankful I am that He chose to show us and teach us love through this journey of adoption.

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K Storm said...

Even back then God was preparing cool!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Malinda! Welcome to the FFF Club!

Simply Stacie said...

Following you from FFF on MBC!

Nic said...

I hopped over here from Pippy's Perspective... I too adopted after IVF. Would love to talk w/ you some day! :)