Mar 8, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby It's a Wild World

Saturday after we left Kyle's birthday party, we decided to take Sara Madalin to the Natural Science and Wildlife Museum in Jackson. I've been wanting to take her and I've waited because I wanted her first trip to be with both of us. We both like to see her experience new things for the first time.

We started by visiting a toddler playroom that is located in the museum. There's a tree slide and all kinds of animal hand puppets. I think we could have visited just this room and she would have seen enough. She loved exploring everything in there. We played with a few hand puppets first.

Then she slid down the slide a few times.

More hand puppets.

I love this look on her face. She thinks it's funny when I try to tickle her with the hand puppet on my hand. She squeals like it scares her, but then she wants me to do it again and again.

And I wish we'd had our video camera when she first saw the fish tanks. She started running toward them saying, "Oh!" She would sit so still and watch at one tank. Then she'd notice there was another tank and she'd run to it. It was so sweet.

What a big girl she is.

They have a Smokey the Bear exhibit there right now and there's a lot of camping gear and information about being safe when you're camping. This was a little fishing boat set up with equipment and gear in it. Here she was fishing.

Reagan and I both said we'd have to take her back sometime soon. She enjoyed it so much.

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Melanie said...

We *love* that museum! Our girls always have the best time there. That slide in the toddler room is the fastest slide EVER!

Ms. shirley said...

Love that Girl!!! She is having so many wonderful experiences...I thank the Heavenly Father for sending her into your lives so often when reading your blog!!!

Malinda said...

We do too, Ms. Shirley. He's blessed and taught us so much about love on so many levels through her.

K Storm said...

So much fun! I remember the first time I took Sissy. We are hoping to go next week sometime.

Kristen said...

Looks like so much fun! She is too cute!

Deb K said...

Cute~Cute Pictures!

Stopping by from MBC and now following you.

You can find me here~

Ashlee McCrary said...

that outfit is so precious!