Mar 29, 2010

Our Weekend - Just the Beginning

I've seen several of the writers of blogs I read give their "Weekend Updates" each Sunday night or Monday morning. So, I thought, those two faithful readers of our blog might like to know how our past weekend went.

It started Friday afternoon with Sara Madalin and I going outside to play a little before Reagan came home. . . and LOCKING ourselves OUTSIDE. With no phone. And no camera.

Luckily, our neighbors were outside grilling. We walked over to wait there for Reagan to come home. While we were there, our neighbor, Ken, allowed me to use his cellphone to call Reagan - just so he'd know where we were and that we were there BECAUSE WE WERE LOCKED OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!! Just as I was getting off the phone with him, Sara Madalin and their (19 y/o) daughter came in the house where we all were. Right inside the door is a small bowl with some decorative resin balls. My child, sweet little angel that she is, picked up one of those decorative balls, said, "Ball!" and then proceeded to throw it onto the scored concrete floor with all her might where it shattered into about 5 pieces. We all gasped and started picking up the pieces. Sara Madalin just picked up another ball and said, "Ball!" and raised it for round 2. Luckily, I stopped her before she threw a second one.

I apologized and offered to pay for new balls. Tina (Ken's wife) just blew it off and acted like it was no big deal. I certainly hope she meant it. I guess we'll find out next time we visit. If there's no bowl of decorative balls, I'll know she hid them in preparation of my little MLB wanna-be.

I have no photos from Friday, but I do have a few from Saturday. No cute stories, just pictures. We went out and picked up a new pair of sneakers. She's rough on those things. And if there is one thing my girl likes to do, it's shop for shoes.

All the shoes were laced together to keep mates together, I think. Reagan said we're going to start tying all her shoes together. It gives us a slight advantage when she starts running from us.

In addition to her shoes, Daddy also bought her a ball. A REAL one.

After shoe shopping, we drove over to Lowe's because we can ALWAYS find a reason to visit there. While Reagan shopped for a saw blade, Sara Madalin "cheesed" for the camera.

And flirted with the salespeople. She was blowing kisses in the next photo.

That's not our entire weekend, but I thought I'd save something for later. Just to give you something to look forward to.
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Melanie said...

Just so you know, I'm a faithful reader - just not a faithful commenter. I read your blog daily! :)

Oh, and I love Sara Madalin's outfit. Love the layered tops.

Casey said...

She is soo adorable. I think I say that everytime I comment but it is true! I would have freaked if I go locked out of my house. I should probably get to know my neighbors better :-)

My kids love shopping for shoes too, we did that Friday night and it looks like we went to teh same store! I love that blue and yellow shirt, one of my daughters has one like it. Too cute

Ms. Shirley said...

Those Beautiful Blue eyes...

Courtney said...

I had to laugh at the idea of tying her shoes together to gain an advantage! She looks adorable in the blue and yellow outfit. Those are great colors for her!

Stephanie said...

I laughed out loud when reading about the decorative ball throwing. As a mother, I can so relate! I have definitely been there in similar situations. Cute, cute story. Thanks Sara Madalin for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how cute her blue and yellow outfit is!!! Our little Nori Grace loves shoes too!

Maegan B

Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh no! I've totally been locked out of the house before with Rylie & none of our neighbors were home. thankfully I did have my cell phone! That's too funny she threw their ball, but I know how ya feel! Rylie pulled up our neighbors newly planted flowers the other day. I bout died! haha Oh sweet toddlerhood!