Mar 26, 2010

She's a "Mess"

This little girl is such a mess.

Thursday evening while I was cooking, she again pulled out all the plastics. But this time she thought she would climb into the empty pullout drawer. The only problem with that was that she couldn't figure out how to get out of it. So she sat there and whined until I helped her out. But, first, I had to take a picture.

Then, once I fixed her plate of dinner, she REALLY enjoyed the mashed potatoes. My little "mess" of a girl made a mess of her dinner.

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Courtney said...

Love the cute little video, she has such a sweet little voice.

Laura said...

You are So much like me!!! Nothing happens if you don't have "proof." It is so bad at our house that Alise now says, "Mommie, take my picture so you can put it on the blog!" Ha ha! Kills me!!

Casey said...

How funny she got in the drawer. Kids can be so silly sometimes. She is sweet.

Stefanie said...

She's a cutie :)

Stopping by from MBC-FFF and now following you

Have a great weekend!

Paige said...

I can't get over how big she is getting! Love those blonde curls. Have a great weekend!