Mar 30, 2010

The Wonder of Easter

Sunday night we began the Easter week by attending "The Wonder of Easter" at church. We normally let Sara Madalin stay in the nursery during church. But because there was music involved, we thought she would enjoy it and so we let her sit with us. We arrived about 30 minutes before service started so that we could get a seat close enough to enjoy everything. What we neglected to think about was that a toddler needs a little entertainment if she is going to sit and wait for something 30 minutes. We didn't have anything in her bag to entertain her, but luckily, there were envelopes and pencils in the pew back.

While it's not something we want to make a habit of, we did allow her to write and play with the pencils and envelopes.

It kept her busy for all of about 2 minutes. After that, we killed some time by changing her diaper and walking over to talk to some people in our Sunday school class. When we got back to our seat, she sat in Reagan's lap. When she saw this man in the next picture she nearly jumped out of Reagan's arms.

The man standing with the brown jacket on. See him? I tried to take an inconspicuous picture. She threw an all out fit trying to get to him. Every time he walked near us she did this. We finally figured out that she thought it was Papaw (Reagan's dad). She loves her Papaw.

Once the program started, she started tapping her little foot and moving to the music. She really enjoyed it. She did good until about an hour into the program. She was wet and restless and we had to go out into the foyer so she could run. And boy did she run. By the time the program was over, she had picked up every stray piece of lint and paper between the foyer and the choir room. She has a bit of an obsessive tendency when it comes to anything left on the floor that shouldn't be there.

All in all, I think she enjoyed the evening. Hopefully as she gets older, she'll be able to pay attention for the entire program. But I understand, an hour is good for an active 2-year-old like her. And, if she hadn't gone out in the foyer when she did, she might have missed getting to smile and blow kisses at the ushers as they came out toward the end of the program. And that would have been a shame for them to miss seeing a smile as pretty as this.
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Penny said...

Aww! Love that last picture! =)

Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

Thanks for stopping by. =)

You should definitely check TMC out!

Your little girl is gorgeous. She did pretty good, an hour is a lot for active toddlers.

hehehe..i love how she has to pick out things that shouldn't be there. She's going to be a neat, organized person. =)

Aging Mommy said...

Your daughter is adorable. What an amazing journey you had to go on in order to finally find her but I am so glad to hear that all your perseverance paid off and that you now have each other. You are an inspiration to us all. I have one little girl and would love to give her a little brother or sister (she has already started asking about it) and would gladly adopt but am not sure I could cope with going through what you did. Cherish every moment because boy oh boy do those moments, hours, days and years go by fast.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow

Absolutely Positive said...

Hi Malinda! Following you back from MBC. Diet Coke, Dingy, AND Fleetwood Mac! TRULY kindred spirits!! Your daughter is SOOOO beautiful!! And so is what you have written about her. You obviously are a mommy in love with your child and motherhood. What a blessing you are to each other!

Happy Easter!

Chris :-)

Ms. Shirley said...

Last picture is precious!!! She is so beautiful!!!