Apr 26, 2010

A BIG Change for a BIG Girl

Our time with limited media last week was good. We went to bed Monday night around 9:00 and had such a good night's sleep. I don't think we've gone to bed that early in a very long time. We also had several opportunities to spend time together and with friends. I think we might have to take a break from TV and Internet more often.

If I had to share the biggest event from last week, it would probably be that Sara Madalin grew up and started driving and went off to college - all in one little week. No, not really. But it felt like it to her momma. The reason? Well, it's because we no longer have one of these in our home.

That's right, no more crib. After her waking me up two mornings in a row crying, and me going into her room and finding her straddling the top rail, we decided it was time to convert to a toddler bed. I mean, we feel pretty certain that we'll meet our insurance deductible relatively soon with a child as active and fearless as her. But if we can prevent her from breaking her arm any sooner than necessary, we'd like to try. So, Tuesday evening Reagan converted her bed. That means no more baby bed. And to momma, that means no more baby. I was sad.

But not her. She watched everything Reagan did. And of course, she tried to help.

Look how happy she was.

I thought it would difficult to get to her to sleep in there and not get up. But she went down pretty easy. I just sat on the floor next to her as she was lying in the bed and patted her back until she went to sleep. It's taken less and less time every night to get her to sleep.

Reagan thought we should put BEE on the floor beside her bed opening just in case she fell out. But so far she hasn't. She has, however, woken up and come running into our room every morning. The first morning she came in around 3:30. We left her door open, as well as ours, and left a light on in the dining room. She comes in and we just put her up in the bed with us and let her go back to sleep. Each morning she's come in later and later. Sunday we were actually awake before she even came into our room. So I think she's getting used to it and adjusting well. Mommy, on the other hand, can't believe her baby is such a BIG girl already.
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Avery's Mommy said...

I think it is time for us to break down and do this. But that doesn't mean that it makes me any less sad! :(

Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh that is such a BIG step! Glad she's doing well with it. We still havent made the plunge with Rylie but she loves her crib. I dread the day she starts climbing out of it! lol

K Storm said...

What a big girl! We kept Sissy in a crib for over 2 years but had to move Boomer out a little quicker for that safety reason. Glad she is adjusting well!