Apr 5, 2010

Easter Morning 2010

Here are Sara Madalin's Easter gifts for this year. She got a big duck, a little purse, a bracelet that lights up, and a little chic that chirps in her Easter basket. She also got a shape ball from Tupperware. Reagan and I talked about how we both had one of those growing up. She was excited to see it. I also got her the curriculum for the 2 year-old Abeka home school program. I'm hoping to start working with her on that this summer.

I went in to get her up Sunday morning and let her walk into the living room. When she walked in there she saw the basket and said, "Oh!." And then she ran over to see what was in there.

Once she opened and went through everything, she started on the eggs. After the egg hunts she's been on she has begun to expect something in all those plastic eggs. Well, she was disappointed because I didn't put anything in them. So, she decided to dump the whole basket out on the floor.

Here's our annual family Easter picture. I couldn't get her to face forward so you could see her dress. It was so pretty. It had three crosses smocked on the front. But if she wouldn't cooperate for the picture, at least I got a sweet hug out of it.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with family. First, my Daddy spending time with us Thursday and Friday, then church and lunch with Reagan's family today. God has been good to us and we are eternally grateful to our Savior for the sacrifice we celebrate this weekend, as well as the blessings He gives us each day.

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Courtney said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. My nephew did the same thing with his eggs, he thought something should be in them!

Aging Mommy said...

Lovely pictures, so glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend. So funny that your daughter was disappointed with the empty eggs - they learn what to expect so fast even at that age!

Amanda Negley said...

Oh how sweet! I love the stuff she got! So cute, and I had a shape ball from Tuperware too!!! And yes, God has blessed ya'll and will continue to bless ya'll!! And I bet her dress was just the cutest thing ever, I love love love smocking!!