Apr 1, 2010

An Eggs-citing Day!

Today was Sara Madalin's Easter party and egg hunt at daycare. I dressed her in the dress that her Nana (birth grandmother) had given her when we saw them last. I tried to get a good picture in it, but she didn't cooperate very well. She kept turning and running either to me or from me. Notice what she's holding in her right hand in the next photo. It's a $1 bill.

On Monday nights, when Reagan gets home from work, he pays our sitter, Margaret (or Mar-get, if you're SM). The past few nights he let Sara Madalin give Margaret her money. Now when she sees money, she says, "Mar-get."

When I got to her daycare, they were eating their party food already. (And notice, no hairbow. I was afraid it wouldn't last.) She'd eaten the bread from her sandwich, but not the meat. And she'd eaten her cheese dip but not the chips.Here she is eating a "choc-ate" cupcake. They all LOVED the cupcakes.

What a mess! And when I'd say it was a mess, she'd repeat, "Mess."

Here they are lining up to go outside. Sara Madalin is at the end of the line. I think that's because Ms. JoJo tries to keep SM as close to her as possible. I can't imagine why.

Sticks - they get her every time.

All the eggs on the little playground.

She found one.

The eggs had choc-ate Hershey's kisses in them. Once she discovered this, she was all about finding the eggs.

I brought her home with me. She is napping and when she gets up we are going to visit my daddy for a while. I think she's already had quite an eggs-citing day!

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Crayon Wrangler said...

Totally and completely adorable from her curly top to her toes!

Stephanie said...

Love her dress! My mom bought AEH the same one! Cute pictures!

Laura said...

Alise's BFF had on that same dress on Wednesday for our egg hunt. It was very, very cute!

Courtney said...

What a fun day. I love her dress!