Apr 25, 2010

Going to the Chapel

Last Thursday night I had an opportunity to spend some time painting with friends at Easely Amused.
Tonya, me, Stephanie, and Sharon

Tonya is married to a high school classmate of mine. We met this past year. She and I met for dinner then headed over to the studio to meet the other girls. Stephanie and Sharon are sisters and I've known them for as long as I can remember. Stephanie and I graduated high school together. Sharon is a little older than us, but only by a few months (;-). They are so much fun.

Stephanie sent me a message last week that was so funny. She said that she had dreamed about my family and they were at our house. She said it was like she saw us all the time. Then she said, "I think I read your bog way too much." I laughed when I read that. She and I haven't talked much since we graduated. We reconnected on Facebook and I'm so glad we did. I enjoyed our time together painting our cute little chapels. I hope we can do it again soon.

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Paige said...

Those are sooo cute! Don't you love reconnecting with old friends?! Hope you have a great week!

Terri Smith said...

What a precious site! Discovered you through browsing this a.m. by way of BlogFrog. So glad I did!

Malinda, my name is Terri Smith. I'm a Visual Artist out of Bonaire, Georgia. Your sweet blogname, "A Gift Worth The Wait," is what drew me to you..very touching and so very heartfelt.

I'm going to join you today as a new Follower. Simply want to be able to visit your site often as a Soul-Pick-Me-Up..it's so sunny and happy here.

If you ever feel like popping over to my place, my Studio Door is Always Open for New Friends!

Blessings, Joy and Sunday Sunshine, Terri Smith

Amanda said...

Oh how fun! I've enjoyed reconnecting with some of my old friends from high school on Facebook too. I love the chapel paintings, so pretty!!

Casey said...

How cute, I love them all!