Apr 14, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy

This afternoon Sara Madalin and I went outside to play a while. The weather has been so pretty this week and she has enjoyed some afternoon play in the yard before dinner.

It's pretty evident by the look of her shirt that she played hard at daycare. Then, when she came home, she pretty much laid down in the dirt to play. Here she had picked up one of those pollen pods from the pine trees. She thought it was something that I needed to see.

She also spent a little time relaxing in her swing.

Finally, here's a little video. It's very exciting, as you can see. We are trying to teach her that God made the animals and God made her and God made pretty much everything. So, now, any time we ask her "Who made that?" She says, "God!" I could just eat her up when she says it, so I ask her ALL the time. That's the fun of having a child, you can get them to do things over and over again cause it's cute.

I'm not sure if you caught it or not, but she's obviously seen some Michael Jackson moves somewhere. She was moonwalking all over the place. Not only is she cute, but my girl's got moves!


Courtney said...

I am loving the beatiful spring weather too. The video is adorable!

Casey said...

How cute! It looks like she has a wonderful area to play! How fun!

Lauren said...

What is it with these Brown girls and their Michael Jackson moves? Haha. I can't believe how grown she is! We have got to get the girls together again soon!

Lara said...


I'm following from MBC! I'm excited to read more! I hope you will follow back :)

Jennifer said...

Too cute!! "playin in the dut"..LOL....I love her name, Sara Madalin.

K Storm said...

Ha! Love it! Nothing like some dirt for a girl to play in!