Apr 3, 2010

Saturday... in the park...

Saturday afternoon our Sunday school class members got together for dinner and an egg hunt for the children. The gathering was held at a small neighborhood park where our teacher and his family live. As soon as we walked through the gates of the park, Sara Madalin made a bee-line to the slide and swing-set where all the BIG kids were. My two-year-old tweenager climbed right up the ladder of the 5-foot slide without batting an eye or showing one ounce of fear. She then slid down that slide without ANY help from either of her over-protective parents. I'm quite certain I will need therapy during my independent, strong-willed child's teenage years.

After a few runs down the slide, she led me to the swings. This girl loves to swing.

While she was swinging we met a couple of the other children. One, after introducing herself, informed me that she was 5 and three-quarters years old. A vital piece of information when you are that age.

Reagan and I chased her all over that park. All the other parents were sitting around talking and we were running. They all thought it was quite funny. Me, not so much. I finally convinced Sara Madalin to SIT and play for a little while. I gave her an egg and her basket. It worked for a short while.

This next picture is her reaction to hearing a choo-choo train.

Don't let that grin fool ya, she's a mess!

I don't really like the very unflattering angle of this next picture as far as I'm concerned, but I do like my little girl in it. How cute is she with her hand raised so her basket won't slip off her shoulder?

If there is a flower growing, it MUST be picked - or pulled off the bush, as in this case. Toddler rule.

Here are all the children who were young enough to hunt eggs. There were a few other older kids who helped hide the eggs for the younger children. I love this little picture of her. She's just not a baby anymore. She's a big girl.

Hunting eggs.

All it took was finding one egg and she discovered there was candy inside. From that point on, she could care less about the eggs. All she wanted to do was get the candy out of them.

After a wonderful meal, a wagon ride (SM, not me), and a great opportunity to fellowship with our class members, we ended the afternoon just as we began it - on the BIG slide.
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Regina and David said...

I love her top! looks like you all had a fun day. Happy Easter!

- Marybeth I. said...

she is so cute! Love the curly hair.

Ashlee McCrary said...

I love that shirt she's wearing!