Apr 13, 2010

Some Things Get Better With Age

Today was Reagan's birthday. He got a sweet card from his baby girl. Only, she's the one who ended up playing with it.

Then, the sweet people he works with threw him a "surprise" birthday party. They decorated the break room, ordered Mexican food from his favorite local restaurant, and Mrs. Kay baked the best "Over the Hill" cake I've ever tasted.

He also got a gift basket. I'm not sure about EVERYTHING in there, but I do know there was an interesting collection of items.

And He got an inflatable walker. Sara Madalin really enjoyed playing with it.

Here he is walking into the break room. Doesn't he look "naturally" surprised?

When he walked in everyone screamed, "Surprise!" That scared Sara Madalin.

Lots of candles to blow out.

Sara Madalin really liked the decorations.

She visited with Aunt Amy for a little while. Amy had a taquito on her plate and Sara Madalin just reached up and took it. She then shared it with Scooter, Mrs. Amber, Aunt Amy, and her Daddy.

Notice her button? That was supposed to be for Reagan. He got to wear it for about 2 minutes.

And just like always, she made her way to the cake.

We were so happy to get to be a part of this celebration with Reagan's co-workers. He's worked with some of these people at this store since he was 11 years old. It was so sweet of them to think of him and have a party for his birthday.

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Reagan!

Casey said...

What a special birthday! My kids always end up with all of the cards we get, it is funny!