Apr 18, 2010


Do you think maybe this is a sign that mommy spends too much time on the computer?

Reagan came into the living room this afternoon and found her like this. He said she was typing away. I'm sure she was updating her Facebook status.

This week our church congregation has been challenged to "unplug" our television(s) and spend more time with our family and the Lord. I've challenged myself to go one step further and drastically limit my time online. I won't be blogging this week. Or checking anyone's status update on Facebook. And I'm going to probably have an anxiety attack, but I also won't be checking Craig's list. I hope to spend the time that I would normally be doing these things catching up on some things around the house. Maybe I'll do a little studying and writing for my class. I will most likely spend quite a bit of time outside with a little girl who loves to play in the dirt. And then, of course, there's the laundry to catch up on. That definitely needs some of my attention.

But more than all that, I hope to spend some time with the Lord. For those of you who read our blog regularly, I ask that you pray for us during the time you would normally spend reading our updates. Please pray for us. Our pastor preached a couple weeks ago about praying for a vision. He said that we are driven by the dreams and visions that God places in our hearts. And scripture tells us in Proverbs 29, "Without a vision, the people perish." For so long we knew what our dream was. We worked toward that dream. Got fulfilled that dream and we testify of it. But now, we believe that God is preparing us for a new vision, a new dream. We just aren't sure what it is yet. So, our prayer this week, as we spend time away from media, and try to spend more time with each other and the Lord, is that He would begin to show us a new vision for Him.

Y'all have a great week and please come back to see us.

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K Storm said...

Good for you...I hope you will be blessed during your "unplugged" week.

Paige said...

Good for you! I am trying to limit some of my time as well so that I feel more balanced with all I have going on.

Have a great week and enjoy that sweet baby girl!

Amanda Negley said...

The ladies' event looked like a lot of fun, and I'm so glad that God spoke to you and answered prayers, and I'm sure He will continue this week as ya'll take a break and focus on family and Him! I will definitely lift ya'll up this week!

If you could just lift me up as well, I've been struggling with some stuff as well. Thanks!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I feel ya...sometimes I just need a blogging break & break from "internet social life" all together! Have a good week off!