Apr 29, 2010

When God Smiles

Tuesday night Reagan and I went to see a production of "Cats" at Thalia Mara. We usually attend a show there once every month or so. A few months ago we were making our way to our seats and someone called my name.

I turned that night several months ago and saw someone who introduced themself to me as Stephanie. After telling me her name she said, "I read your blog." Then she began to tell me of a mutual friend that we have that led her to our blog. She also shared with me that her family is a "Bethany Family." She and her husband have two children adopted through Bethany. It was sweet to talk to her and share for a few minutes.

Since that night, we have both read each other's blog and become connected through Facebook. Well, Tuesday night as we were waiting for the show to begin, Stephanie and her husband sat down next to us again.

We talked for a few minutes before the show began. Then, during intermission, Stephanie and I had an opportunity to share even more. She was such an encouragement as we talked about birth families and second adoptions and a number of other things. It made my heart so happy to have a connection with someone who has gone through and continues to go through some of the same things we've been through on our journey through infertility and adoption. We didn't cover any deep topics of conversation or vow to be life-long friends, but God placed us together that night to talk and share for a few minutes, and it blessed me so much. Isn't is just overwhelming sometimes when God smiles on us and places someone in our life at just the right moment? And it was even more sweet because it was so unexpected.

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K Storm said...

God is the coolest, isn't He?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for this sweet blog entry. As you already know from FB, I felt the same way. Can't wait until we can get together again.