May 20, 2010

Disney World May 2010

While we were in FL for the space shuttle launch, we took Sara Madalin to Disney a couple days. We only visited the park two days as opposed to EVERY day as we usually do while there. We first took her to Animal Kingdom for a safari ride. We got to see real, live animals from an open-air truck. Sara Madalin really liked it.

After the safari, we went to see the Festival of the Lion King show. She really enjoyed that last October, but fell asleep about half way through. But she LOVED it this time. She laughed and danced and clapped. And of course, every two seconds she said, "What's 'at?"

We had lunch, then headed up to the Tree of Life located prominently at Animal Kingdom. There are all kinds of animals carved in the tree. It's huge.

And it wouldn't be a true trip to Disney if the day didn't end with a hot, tired, cranky, whining child trying to escape the care of her parents on the way out of the park.

Tuesday morning we left early and arrived at the Magic Kingdom right after opening.

The crowds were much smaller at that time of day. We rode several rides without having to wait in line. And of course, we had to see Sara Madalin's favorite show of ALL - The Country Bear Jamboree. We finished that just in time to see the Celebration parade. I've shown pictures and video of it from her last two visits to Disney. She loves it because she gets to be so close to the characters and performers. She also gets to dance. Another of her favorite things.

There was just enough time left for her to play on one of the playgrounds. She kept telling me, "I pay. I pay."

At various times, we were hot, stressed, and tired. But she had a blast. And that's what makes the money, the time, and the fatigue worth it.


Regina and David said...

I like her Minnie Mouse outfit- CUTE! glad she had fun!

Casey @ If The Crown Fits said...

We love Walt disneyworld in this family. We go every year! I love her custom outfit, we did that on one of our trips. It looks like you all had fun! We go back at the end of July and I can't wait

Laura said...

Love all of SM's Disney outfits!! So cute!! And that pic of her on top of R's shoulders with the castle in the background is my fav! Looks like ya'll had a blast!!