May 6, 2010

For Your Entertainment

5:00 A.M. Folks

That's what time the show starts around here every day.

5:00 A.M.!!!!!!


Paige said...

So cute! I am not sure I could function that well at 5 A.M.!

Regina and David said...

she must have just eaten a few of those cinnamon rolls you've been baking. LOL

Casey said...

Wow, that is at 5 AM? Amazing! When ever I come to your blog I always smile when I see your title banner, it is just too cute!

The Glenn Gang said...

Hypothetically speaking, do you prefer to get up at 5 a.m. on vacation? Not that it would bother me since I'm usually up exercising, cleaning and cooking by that time but I just need to know if I should have make up on by 5?