May 5, 2010

Hat! Hat!

This is a picture of my silly little child with a Ladybug Easter basket on her head.

She carries it EVERYWHERE! She will walk around the house with it on her shoulder like a purse, saying, "Bye-bye." She loads it full of bracelets, old cellphones, baby doll clothes, sippy cups, and anything else she can fit in it.

This past Saturday afternoon she was playing with it in the backseat of my car as we went to dinner. We heard her start saying, "Hat! Hat!" and we looked back and saw she had it on her head. She thought it was so funny. She loves to make us laugh. So, when we giggled and took a picture of her, it just made her want to do it more.

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Paige said...

Oh I love it! She is getting so big. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Amanda said...

Oh too cute! I have a picture of me from a few years back w/ a hello kitty basket on my head because all the kids at the church easter egg hunt wanted me to, ha! so precious! :)