May 30, 2010

"I Pwray"

Sara Madalin loves to play in water. And she enjoyed the sand at the beach IMMENSELY. So, we decided to get her water/sand table from Toys R Us so she could "pwray," or "play" if you don't speak 2 y/o English. We (Reagan) set it up for her Saturday evening and she was very entertained. She played for 30-45 minutes and would have continued even longer, but she was covered in water and sand and her (mean) Momma made her come in for a bath.

After playing for a while, she came in to a hot bubble bath. (She is so high maintenance.) She loves to have bubbles in her bath because she likes to eat them.

Here's what my bathtub looked like when I drained it after her bath - bubbles and sand. It was disgusting. She told me, "Nasty" as she pointed to it.

She's had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend so far. She also spent some time swimming at Sue-Sue's and we plan to go back tomorrow. Hope everyone who reads our blog has a great holiday as well.

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Laura said...

Alise loved her sand and water table when she was that age, too! Have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

It looks like this is going to provide hour of fun this summer. Happy Memorial Day!