May 4, 2010

If the Shoe Fits

I was sitting in the living room talking to Reagan this evening when he came home, and I looked over and Miss Priss had put on my flip-flops.

I should note a couple things about the above picture. 1) That outfit is not something that she wore out in public today. She did wear the top. But with a really cute pair of flowered shorts. (Thanks Rebecca.) I put that knit skort on her when she got home because the shorts were filthy. 2) That's chicken in her mouth. and 3) She thought she was something with those shoes on.

I am going to have to paint those toenails if she's going to make a habit of wearing Yellow Box flip-flops. Every Southern girl knows you have to have your toes "done" if you're going to wear Yellow Box.

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Rebecca Powers said...

She's adorable! I can't wait to see her wearing more of her new clothes! :)

Laura said...

LURVE Yellow Box flip flops!! I have LOTS of pairs! They make them in Alise's size now, but I'm not sure about Sara's.

K Storm said...

Yes, the painted toes are a must!!

I don't apologize for outfits anymore. My kids eventually wanted to dress themselves and some battles I chose not to fight.

Casey said...

soo cute

Stephanie said...

Her little toes look so cute! Evan has tried to put on mine and Audrey's flip flops but he hasn't figured it out yet.