May 10, 2010

Our Weekend "By" Scott's House

Back many, many, MANY years ago when Reagan and I stared dating, one of the first things I was asked to do was meet his friends. So, one weekend early on, we headed south and I met one of his former college roommates, Scott. I also met Scott's mother and grandmother. Luckily, I passed the new girlfriend test and had several more opportunities to spend time with them before we married. Scott was in our wedding and we visited him a few times after we married.

But as time passed, we saw Scott and his family less and less until we eventually lost touch. Through the years, a lot changed. One thing that changed is that Scott married and we all started families. Recently, we reconnected with Scott and his mom, and met his wife on Facebook. A few months ago, Reagan said, "We should plan a get-together." So, Scott's wife, whose name ALSO happens to be Reagan, and I planned one. This past Friday afternoon, we headed out for that get-together.

Scott and his family live WAY down in south MS in cajun country. So, on the way down, we HAD to stop in Hattiesburg at The Watermelon Patch where my little girl and I did a little shoe shopping. She was like a kid in a candy store. She even has the "gasp" down pat when she sees something she likes. I love it!

We arrived at Scott and Reagan S.'s late Friday afternoon and before we even stepped inside, Sugar and Scott's daughter, Avery, were ready for a wagon ride.

While Reagan S. finished up dinner, Sara Madalin made herself at home. She went into Avery's room and found a tutu, then followed the other adults out back to get the lay of the land. I don't have any pictures of it, but she was very fond of a little fountain that was in the backyard. She was even more fond of the rocks in that fountain.

Look at this pretty little princess. She's 3 1/2 and oh so sweet and cute. And she also has great taste in shoes.

Saturday morning we loaded up to go to the zoo in New Orleans. These two were eager to get on the road.

Here's SM after Mommy coated her arms and legs with sunblock. She's got her juice and "pretty shoes" on and she's ready to see some animals.

As we were walking over to see some of the first animals, there was a zoo keeper escorting a turtle around for the children to see. Well, of course, our girls wanted to "touch it" as Sara Madalin is so fond of saying these days.

I just knew her hand was going to be caught in that turtle's mouth before she was done. Luckily, it wasn't.

After riding around awhile, the girls needed to stretch their legs and jump and play a bit. There was a little platform under a shade tree where a lot of children were playing. In this next picture, in between jumps and dancing, Reagan S. was trying to get a picture of Avery. I guess SM thought she needed to be in the picture too. She walked over in front of Reagan S. and just stood there, like she was waiting for Reagan to snap the shot. I guess she thinks every camera is there just for her.

This is how I felt by the end of the day. This bear was so tired he fell asleep propped up on his ladder.

After a long day in the heat, our girl needed some hydration.

And Avery convinced her Daddy she needed some one-on-one time by the dinosaur.

After we got in the car, our girls were tired. They were so sweet holding hands. (This was, of course, after I threatened Sara Madalin with a spanking if she didn't stop pinching Avery every time their hands touched.)

A quick nap before we hit the mall.

Then diner at a New Orleans restaurant.

I told Scott and Reagan S. that we wanted to go somewhere that we couldn't eat at near home. I think they accomplished that mission. Here's where we ate. I had the best Voo-Doo Rolls and blackened shrimp pasta.

Then, we stopped for ice cream and snow balls to finish the day.

Sunday morning we visited with Scott, Reagan S. and Ms. Andrea (Scott's mother, who Reagan B. and I love even more than Scott) at their church. Afterwards we came home for hamburgers. The girls played while lunch was being cooked. They both have a slight fear/hatred of bugs. Well, of course we found a bug on the back porch as soon as we walked out. Look at them inspecting it.

Avery said after this photo, "I think I'm gonna kill him." I said, "Go right ahead." That poor bug never stood a chance.

And here's my little softball player getting a little practice in. Gotta start now if we're going to get those college scholarships.

And every coach knows, it's not just about the practice, it's also about the diet. So, as a cool down from practice, she had some vanilla ice cream.

That spoon is just a prop. She held it in one hand and reached into the bowl with the other hand for the ice cream to put it in her mouth. That's why I'm sitting there with a napkin.

We had a wonderful time with these old (and new) friends. We've missed Scott and his mom very much and can't believe we've let so much time pass between visits. It's been so long, but after a short time being there, it was as if no time has passed at all. Those are the best kinds of friends - the ones who, after years of not seeing each other, once you're together again, you can still pick up where you left off. And Scott married well. Reagan S. is a wonderful cook (loved her lima beans and her cinnamon rolls are way better than anything I could ever bake) and a very hospitable hostess. Their daughter, Avery, is too precious. We'll have to invite ourselves to their house again soon. Ha.

Oh, and I almost forgot to explain the title of this post. One thing that Reagan and his other college roommates picked at Scott about was some of the sayings or phrases he uses. Being from the New Orleans-area, he speaks a little differently. Whereas some of us might say we're going to spend the weekend "at" a friend's house, Scott would say, "I'm gonna stay 'by' your house this week." So, now everyone says that when they are in the area, they are going to stay "by" Scott's house. It's kind of a joke between their little group. The weekend was full of those little inside jokes and memories. Which is another great thing about such great old friends - the jokes and the memories. Hope we have many more to share in the future.

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Casey said...

Wow, what a great time you guys had! So much fun!

Carrie said...

What a fun trip! The girls are sooo cute in the zoo pictures and SM in that tutu is just too much! I had to laugh over your description of her gasping when she's something wonderful. I see that in our future as well!!! I had not ever heard of this watermelon patch, but it sounds great.

Lauren said...

Looks like yall had a great time! We were actually in New Orleans Sunday too! Our trip didn't turn out as fun though:(