May 26, 2010


Monday evening, after our little walk, we decided to sit on the back porch and watch the storm that was coming in. Sara Madalin was a little afraid of the thunder as she started hearing it. It would thunder and she'd run to me and say, "What's 'at?" And want me to hold her.

But then, the rain came. She's recently learned what rain is and she loves to play in it. So, when it started raining, she said, "Touch it." That's what she says when she, well, wants to feel or touch something. And she pretty much wants to touch EVERYTHING. Next to putting things in her mouth, touching it is her next favorite way to learn about something new. So, it started raining and she wanted to "touch it." We told her she could walk out to the step, but no further, to touch the rain.

As it rained more, water from our new gutters (which are going to be fixed because of the result you'll see in the video) started flowing out like a water spout. It created a puddle on the steps. Well, she had a ball in that puddle. She would have played for an hour there in that water. You can see how much fun she had in the video below. You can also get a glimpse of the curiosity that we see every day. I pray God uses that curiosity in mighty ways.

This video is not very interesting, but we enjoyed watching her have a good time playing in the rain.

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K Storm said...

She is such a smart little is fun to see the world through their eyes...