Jun 2, 2010

2 Year Well Baby Check-Up

I still cannot believe my baby is a 2-year-old toddler. It seems like just last week that we were visiting the pediatrician for the first time. What a change from that visit to the one we had Wednesday. Here's my BIG girl standing on the scales for her weight. She weighs a little over 25 lbs. She's in the 50th percentile.

Here's Mrs. Lindsey trying to get her to stand next to the height stick.

Sara Madalin was VERY interested in checking out the tool used for measuring heights, but was not having it when Mrs. Lindsey tried to pull the thing in SM's hand down onto her head. So, we had to do things as we've always done them. I lie her down on the paper on the examining table. Mrs. Lindsey marks the top of her head and the heel of her feet. Then she measures with her tape to see how tall SM is. She is 34 inches tall. That puts her in the 25th percentile. In other words, she is, and most likely will continue to be, tall and thin. Which isn't such a bad thing, if you ask me.

Look at that girl walking down the hall like she owns the place.

She did so well. She didn't act afraid or shy. She made herself at home and explored just as she does everywhere else she goes.

Dr. R. came in and she went right to him and gave him love. Then she pulled his stethoscope from his neck, wiggled out of his arms and ran to me to check it out in the safety of my lap. He said, "I don't think we have anything to worry about when it comes to curiosity and her learning new things." If he only knew...

He asked her a few questions. She answered with one or two word replies. He was impressed with her vocabulary. Then he checked her eyes, ears, and throat. When it was time to check her throat, he said, "Open up and let me see your teeth." She opened up wide and said, "Ahh." He looked at me and said, "Normal 2-year-olds don't do that." And I could have walked out of there on air. This momma was so proud (for a change) of her girl for opening her mouth.

He said she looks great and was very encouraging. There were a couple issues I had wanted to discuss with him. One was some knots we'd felt in her neck. He said those were common lymph nodes swelling and many children experience that with colds and sore throats and such. She has extremely sensitive sinus allergies and has had a runny nose for a couple weeks. He said the knots were probably a reaction to that but that I should keep an eye on them. The other issue I wanted to talk to him about was her red spots on her face. They come and go and it's sometimes more than just flushed cheeks from heat. They are currently red and flaky. He said to just try to keep a moisturizer and vaseline on her, especially before she goes to bed at night. He said that with children under a certain age he doesn't like to use a steroid cream. But if her skin continues to develop these spots, we might have to use that form of cream from time to time.

So, other than all that, it was basically any other day for her. A little running from momma...

A little crawling under a dirty table...

And a little trying to negotiate her way out of trouble.

Doesn't it look like she's saying, "Trust me Mom. I know what I'm talking about here."

I'm so thankful that she is such a bright, healthy, active child. It wears me and her Daddy out sometimes. I mean, it's no secret we're not as young as most parents of toddlers. But even though we're exhausted pretty much ALL THE TIME, I'm glad she is who she is.

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Courtney said...

Glad she had a great visit. Love her little outfit!

The Stairs Family said...

Carson has the same spots and I put Cetaphil lotion on it twice a day. I get a big tub from Costco and it lasts a couple months. Works great! If I stop using it- the spots come back. My doctor said it was just a sensitive skin issue and things like slobbering on sheets during sleep and then laying in it was a big irritant. So, I also change his sheets 2 to 3 times a week. Sun, Wind and heat also irritate him.

Stephanie said...

We will be doing this all too soon. :(
Glad she's a healthy little girl!
E has some of those knots in his neck and we were told the same thing by our doctor.
Love her outfit!