Jun 2, 2010

Alternate Plan

For 18 months I have taken Sara Madalin to swim lessons every week on either Monday or Tuesday evenings. The swim school she goes to is about a 40 minute drive from our house. When I leave, I usually fix a couple cups (one for on the way and one for the ride home) for Sara Madalin, load our swim bag in my car, go pick her up from daycare, and we head that way. Twice in the past month I have done all of those things - EXCEPT pack our bag in the car. And here's the funny thing - you can't really attend swim class if you don't have clothes in which to swim. So, yesterday, rather than embarrass myself and tell the teacher once again that I have come all the way to swim class without our gear, I just turned around and came home when I realized what I'd done. And we made the best of what first seemed like a disappointment. Cause trust me when I tell you, Sara Madalin was highly disappointed when we passed by the swim school and didn't stop. She KNOWS that's where we kick-kick.

So, we came home and I attached a little turtle sprinkler she had received as a birthday gift to the water hose. I think she forgot all about missing swim lessons.

She was trying to back up to the sprinkler.

(That's mud on her bottom. Ha.)

And I got a little video for you to enjoy as well.

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Amanda said...

It would be interesting to see what "fun" our two would get into if they ever got together. Eli would have had a BLAST with SM and all that water and mud! Love all the pics!