Jun 7, 2010

Because It's Been Said I Blog Everyday

So, our Monday was pretty good around here. Sara Madalin moved up a class at daycare. I was a little concerned when I dropped her off. She stayed with me all week last week, for one thing. I was worried she'd be clingy. My worries were for nothing. I pulled into the parking lot and she started saying, "Jo-jo!" That's her teacher's name. Well, her teacher up until today. Which leads me to my second concern. I was worried that she would be upset that she wasn't in Jo-Jo's class anymore. Again, the child proved me wrong. I called around noon to check and see how she was doing. The lady in the office walked over to her room and when she came back to the phone, she said, "Mrs. Trish says she is doing great." And she was probably in a better mood this afternoon than she's been in a while. I'm so proud of her.

While she was in daycare today, I went to VBS at our church. It was a BIG change from what I'm used to. At our old church, we had one class for 3rd and 4th grade girls and one for boys. The class usually consisted of about 10-15 students. At our new church, there were 4 classes for 3rd graders alone. Our class had 14 students enrolled. We occupy one floor alone with our Bible study class, crafts room, and mission room. I was a little intimidated at first. But I have to say I had a blast watching all the children who enjoyed themselves. Oh, and seeing this kind of made the day worth it too.

That's our marriage and family pastor. He's the one who taught our discipling preschoolers class. He also wrote the book, "1-2-3 Magic for Christian Parents." Yeah, we're kind of rethinking all that advice we've gotten from him. Just kidding. He was speaking about missions and shared his mission trip to Mexico. This was a wrestling mask his son had gotten in Mexico. And I just happened to have my camera handy when he slipped the mask on. The kids thought he was hilarious.

Maybe I'll have a few more pics and video to share from VBS later in the week. And I KNOW I'll snap a few of Sugar to share as well.

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