Jun 12, 2010


This morning, Reagan had the idea that we'd go for a walk with Sara Madalin down our road and maybe pick some blackberries. I thought, since they had both done such a great job of picking up around the house for me this morning, why not?

One thing that Sugar knows is important if she's outside in this heat for very long, she needs to stay hydrated. So, she made sure that Daddy fixed her some ice and water in her "M-Mouse" cup before we left.

I tried to fix her a couple pigtails in her hair. Although her hair doesn't appear to be very long, it is. It's just so curly you can't tell it. And it's getting so thick. I put it in a couple pigtails and put a few barrettes in to hold up stray hair. She looked so funny, but cute. I really don't know what I'm going to do with that hair.

Here they are picking their first berries.

Reagan brought a little cup to put them in.

She talked the whole time. She's quite a talker.

This is a patch of berries on our land across the road from the house. But the grass is grown up over there pretty high and I didn't think Sara Madalin needed to walk through that. Reagan said he might try to go back later this week because there is going to be a lot of berries in that area.

Sara Madalin was pretty hot after that little walk.
But at least she stayed hydrated with her ice water in her M-Mouse cup.

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Casey said...

HOw fun

Courtney said...

So cute. I love her piggy tails!

Regina and David said...

her hair looks really cute!

Jennifer said...

So cute! Love those curls/pigtails. So girly girl!

And, those berries look soooo good!

Paige said...

So very precious!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

i love these pictures! love the outfit, love the pigtails, & i love blackberries!