Jun 1, 2010

I have to do EVERYTHING around here! by Sugar

Sunday afternoon and Monday we went to Aunt Sue-Sue's for Memorial Day. Daddy cut up a watermelon. I only had a few (dozen) bites. Then, when my mouth was completely full, I decided I didn't want anymore. So, I spit it out. Evidently, that's not something I am supposed to make a habit of doing. And before I knew it, this is what the grown-ups had me doing.

Can you believe them? Making me clean up my own mess! See how difficult my life is?

Actually, I guess I should be honest and tell you, my Aunt Sue-Sue WAS cleaning it up for me. But I decided she needed a little help from me. I really like to help. At least, when I'm in the mood to do so and it looks like it's something that might be fun.

Hope you had a great holiday and nobody made you clean up after yourself unless you wanted to.
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Courtney said...

Poor Sara! Cute pictures. Sounds like she had a great weekend, even if she had to work.

Casey said...