Jun 13, 2010

I Heart VBS!

I'm sure I've mentioned before that my favorite thing about Summer is Vacation Bible School. I have so many memories of attending as a child, helping as a youth, and teaching as an adult. I love the little handmade crafts the children make. I love the excitement and energy in a sanctuary filled with hundreds of children hyped up on loud, fast music, sugar cookies, and Kool-Aide. I just love it! I told someone this past week, for me, VBS is like going on a mission trip. I always love to see what God does during the week.

I want Sara Madalin to grow up loving VBS. (Actually, I want her to grow up loving Jesus and all things that entails. And I think that one way to start that love and grow a desire in her heart for Him is to expose her VBS, among other things.) She's technically still too young to attend as a student, but as long as I'm a worker, she can go with me and can be part of the preschool group. This year, I didn't think I was going to get to work at our current church because we started attending AFTER all the VBS workers were recruited for this year. So, I contacted the VBS director at our former church to see if they needed any helpers. Lucky for us, they did. So, she and I loaded up and headed to VBS to learn about Jesus. I'm not so sure she learned to love Jesus that week, but by the looks of things, she learned to love her some Cash.

That's the grandson of my friend, Susie. I was trying to get a picture of Sara Madalin with her class, but all she wanted to do was lie down on top of Cash. Susie was Sara Madalin's teacher at VBS. She told me that Sara Madalin did well. She was quiet, but active. And each day, she said one word of the memory verse for the day.

I helped with the 4 & 5 year-old boys for the week. Here's a picture of my class.

Then, the Sunday before VBS at our current church, my friend, Becky, asked if I was helping with VBS. I told her no and she said, "Do you want to?" It's clear she doesn't know me very well yet. Because if she did, she'd know my answer would be, "YEAH!"

Here's a shot of our leaders singing the theme song during general assembly. The songs were so fun this year.

Here's our class. We had one of 3 (I think) 3rd grade classes. There were 14 in our class, as well as 2 teachers and 2 youth workers.

Here's a group of 3rd grade girls one morning before general assembly. They gave me a taste of what I have to look forward to when Sara Madalin is a pre-teen. Giggles, giggles, giggles!

This was during class Bible lesson one day. This is Maggie. She is feisty! I'm not sure if it is the hair or the fact that she's the youngest of either 5 or 6 children. Maybe it's a little of both.

I had tons of fun and look forward to next year.

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