Jun 14, 2010

I Run to You

Call me crazy, but I've decided to train for a 5k that is held at the end of Summer. It's my brother-in-law's fault. He had to go and start training for it and I thought, if he can do it, so can I. (I have a bit of competitiveness in my blood.) He had actually said that he was planning to walk the 5k. But I thought, "Oh, no, I want to run it." I've been training for almost 3 weeks and I've decided one thing - I think I'll WALK it too.

I have been using a podcast that I found by Robert Ullrey to train. It's the Couch to 5K training plan. It's actually a training plan to help you run a 5k (even though, I'll say it again, I plan to WALK the 5k). The first week, I ran/walked intervals of 30/60 seconds (I think. That was so long ago it seems. Ha.) Last week, I ran 60 seconds and then walked 2 minutes. I think there was 6 intervals of that. This week, I'm running 90 seconds, walking 90 seconds, running 3 minutes, then walking 3 minutes. Then I do it a second time. There's also a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. When I started tonight, I really didn't think I could make it the full first 3 minute run because I am so out of shape. But I did it and it felt good. I have a break day (or 2) in between each running day. But each time I finish I look forward to the next run. I'm trying to run on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Now, if the horse flies don't carry me off or eat me alive first, I'll hopefully continue training and be able to WALK in my first 5k in August.

And I have to say, I have the full support of my family/training team. The first time I went out, I had my trainers tag along with me. Actually, they followed me out and I couldn't stop them. Although, I did run ahead of them most of the time we were out.

Notice Taco riding in the top of Sara Madalin's stroller. That's because about 2 minutes into the walk/run she gave out and wanted to be carried. Reagan sat her up there and she rode the rest of the mile and a half. Oh, and pretty much the entire trip, Sara Madalin kept screaming, "Cup! Cup! I ohnt CUP!" With trainers like that, how can I go wrong?

I've run alone since then.

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Rebecca Powers said...

Good luck! Where did you find the podcast?

Paige said...

Good Luck! I want to try that to cross off my "bucket list" but am scared I can't. Going to check out that podcast.

K Storm said...

The dog riding on the top of the stroller is killing me!!

The Glenn Gang said...

No shout out to the very one who introduced you to C25K? Are you afraid many people will begin to run to me for fitness advice and you won't have me available for questions??