Jun 9, 2010

Little Momma

It's funny to watch Sara Madalin and see myself through her eyes. I struggle often with not being a great mom to her. I get frustrated with her easily when I'm tired. I often wonder if I discipline her too much or not enough. I have told Reagan that I worry that she'll look back at this time in her life and think that all Momma ever did was get onto her about things.

Then I watch her with her toys and I see, even through the frustration and struggles with discipline, she is learning so many more things from me. Things that make me smile. Like this picture below. I took it this morning as she was playing before we left for school.

I should note, that's NOT how I place her in her stroller. But at least the baby is IN the stroller and not on the floor. Notice how she has her purse hanging on the stroller handle. That's how I hang my purse or her diaper bag when we go shopping.

And this next photo of her imitating me is so funny to Reagan and me.

At night when I take my make-up off, I put a headband on to keep my hair out of the way. This morning, she got my headband off the bathroom counter and put it on her head like this.

I love this girl. My prayer is that in spite of me and my shortcomings as a mother, that she grows up to be a loving, kind, Godly woman who loves those in her life half as much as I love her and her daddy.

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Stephanie M. Page said...

Malinda, I relate to this post! I often feel like I lay into my 3 year old too much. But we are only human, ya? life keeps me humble!!

I love all these pics of her imitating you. Little girls are the best, and her hair is just the most adorable...

Courtney said...

Cute pictures. It is amazing how much they pick up when your not looking. I think you are doing a wonderful job as a mother.

Carrie said...

I so relate to this! I think as moms, we're often our own biggest critics.

K Storm said...

We moms always doubt ourselves...but the more she reveals the more you will realize you are the perfect match for that sweetie and you are doing a great job!!

Krissy said...

How precious!! She's beautiful. My kids do the same thing with their purses on the strollers. LOL They love to imitate mama!