Jun 21, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

Sunday afternoon, Reagan's dad took us out to his brother's farm. We've wanted to take Sara Madalin out there to see the cows for a while. We finally made time to do so that afternoon. Uncle Wayne, Reagan's uncle, has a ton of farm equipment, including several ATVs and this thing, whatever it's called.

This was our "ride" while we were on the farm. Don't you just love how the dog is looking at the camera too? As if he knew he was having his photo taken. Sara Madalin, on the other hand, was not looking at the camera. She was too interested in the feed that Papaw and Uncle Wayne were loading on the back of their 4-wheeler.

Here they are as we crossed the creek going to the cow pasture. Reagan was tickled to see his Dad riding on the back of the 4-wheeler with Uncle Wayne.

And here are some of the cows. I felt so very Pioneer Woman. Ha.

Once the cows realized that Uncle Wayne had feed, they all started crowding around. Sara Madalin actually got to touch this cow.

She loved being so close. She fought Reagan to get down and run out amongst the cows. She was mad that none of us would let her do that. The child has NO fear. Me, on the other hand, I have enough fear for both of us.

I told Reagan that I've never been so close to cows myself. Except at the state fair when they are behind a gate. It seemed a little more dangerous this way.

They seemed a lot like a bunch of nosy old women, if you'll pardon my comparison. When we pulled up, they all turned to stare to see who the strangers were. Then, as we stood there a while, they all slowly walked over to check us out. But they tried to look like they weren't trying to pay too much attention to us, except for when they were staring us down with those big ole eyes.

It was so hot that we didn't stay out there too long. But as long as we were there, she tried everything she could to get closer to the cows. Here she is having moved from Reagan's arms to her Papaw's. She thought he'd get her close enough to "touch it," as she says. She was wrong. Papaw was even more protective of her than we were.

She really enjoyed being out there. I think that she would have loved to run all over the farm. But, again, it was hot, and it was getting late. We had to get her home for dinner and bed. Oh, and a nice, long, hot bath.

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Jana said...

I had to reread the post cause I thought you were talking about folks in Canton! They don't want you to know they are watching until you really mess up then its all eyes on you!!!!! Must be something about a small town/small farm life!!!
In the first picture it looks like SM's dress is camo and I was thinking surely Malinda did not do that to that baby!! But once I saw the picture with Papaw I could tell it wasn't!