Jun 18, 2010

Plums and Peas and Puppies - Oh My!

Thursday evening we drove out to the home of our friend, Tony. He has been a great friend and mentor to Reagan. We've both learned a lot from him through the years that we've known him. And he treats Reagan like a son in many ways. He lives in the country a little south of us. His home is more like a farm than anything either of us have ever really seen. When we got there, he took us out to his chicken coop so Sara Madalin could see the hens up close. She LOVED it!

He gathered almost a dozen eggs from them.

Then he gave them a treat - a ripe tomato from his garden - that they gobbled up.

Then we walked over to the garden. He has tons of fruit trees and bushes. Here are his grapes that are ripening.

And I think he said these are pears.

I gathered some blueberries while Reagan, Tony, and Sara Madalin moved on to plums. I've got big plans for these blueberries this weekend. Wish I had more.

It didn't take Sara Madalin long to learn how to pick plums.

She even made sure to taste a few (dozen) along the way.

She also found some zuccini (sp?) that needed to be harvested.

Then we were on to pickin' peas.

Boy, that brought back so many memories of when I was a little girl. We always had a garden up until I was probably in 6th or 7th grade. And my sister, Brandi, and I would spend what seemed like our entire Summer break picking and shelling peas and butter beans. We brought home a bag that I hope to shell and put up for us to freeze.

And finally, right before we left, we went in to visit the Yorkies in Dr. Tony's kennel. He and his wife breed these cute little doggies. Sara Madalin had a ball. I don't think she's ever seen so many dogs in one place at one time ever before.

She was hot and sweaty, and VERY tired, when we left. But she enjoyed herself and that's what matters most to us. We are so thankful for friends like Dr. Tony and Mrs. Mary.

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Paige said...

Wow! What a great little farm. Hope you have a great weekend!

Casey said...

She is such a lucky girl. You guys are always doing fun and different thing with her! You are wonderful parents